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Classes & Events

Classes At Mama's Minerals

Unplug from the stress of work and engage the right side of your brain with a creative class at Mama's Minerals! Try a jewelry / beading class, such as Pearl Knotting, Beading, Wire Wrapping, or Rosary Making. Or take a class in Stone Carving, Flint Knapping, or Metaphysical Crystals. We have fun and educational classes for kids, too, including Geology and Jewelry Making classes. Many more classes to choose fromóreserve your spot today!

Dia del Dulce - Trick or Treat with Mama's

Meet us at this fun annual event in Old Town for a free goodie bag, or pick up the same free gift from our store just North of Old Town!

Kids' Day at Mama's Minerals - Saturday, July 22, 2017

Bring the kids for a day full of fun for all ages! Activities include Flint Knapping, Fossil Excavation, Gold Panning, Geode Cracking, Jewelry Making, and more.

Mama's Minerals 12th Annual Arts and Crafts Fair - Saturday, September 23

Over 100 Artists will be selling handmade arts and crafts including Jewelry, Paintings, Sculpture, Photography, Pottery, Assemblage, Quilts, Handbags, Masks, and much more!

Events Calendar

Browse our calendar of Gem and Mineral / Bead Shows / Other Events.

Mama's Minerals Easter Egg Hunt - Saturday, April 15, 2017

Meet the Easter Bunny, find cool rock, mineral and fossil treasures, face painting, and more. Fun for the whole family!

Mama's Minerals 9th Annual Alternative Health Fair - Saturday, May 13, 2017

Don't miss the hottest Alternative Health Fair in Albuquerque! An event focused on just feeling good! Come to Mama's Minerals in Albuquerque on Saturday, May 13, 2017 to experience New Mexico's finest healers and purveyors of healthy lifestyles.

Beading Happy Hour

Join us for Beading Happy Hour on Fridays! Arrive before the end of Happy Hour and you can shop until store closing with the Happy Hour discount.


Kids Birthday Parties

Chaos ensued in the kingdom when the little prince and princess did not get the unique birthday they dreamed of. Let peace reign at the homestead by choosing a fun and educational birthday party at Mama's Minerals.


Mama's Minerals Field Trips

Hop into your magical school bus and travel back in time when you visit Mama's Minerals for your next field trip. Each FREE field trip starts with a Geology presentation that introduces basic concepts of Geologic Time, the Rock Cycle, Types of Rocks, Fossil Formation, and best of all, a chance to touch and learn about the beautiful crystals, minerals and fossils at Mama's!