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Jade Beads

Thank you for visiting, where you can explore the amazing treasures of Mother Earth.

Currently, you may purchase from our Albuquerque and Santa Fe retail stores. Our online sales are temporarily suspended.

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Mamaís Minerals Albuquerque is the Southwestís Largest Bead and Rock Shop, with over 7,000 square feet of amazing beads, minerals, fossils, and much more. Our Santa Fe Plaza store will impress you with striking decorator pieces, affordable gift items, and a fun kidsí corner. Striking Gemstone Jewelry is available at both locations.

The color range alone makes jade beads among our most in-demand items. From ethereal, barely-there shades of green, to olive, forest, and emerald hues, this one mineral category holds so many rich possibilities. Craft it into jewelry of all kinds and then be prepared for all the interest that jade beads generate. Its appeal is universal, since jade is associated with good fortune.

At Mamaís Minerals, our jade collection is as gorgeous as it is affordable. Choose from a variegated assortment of serpentine stone, delicate rectangles, and rounded beads. Our jade Heishi beads are named for the ancient Heishi clan of samurai, who were greatly influenced by the strength and beauty of this stone. Not surprisingly, one of the metaphysical properties attributed to jade is increased physical strength.

In fact, you really canít go wrong with jade beads. As well as being associated with prosperity and physical prowess, jade is also a symbol of true and lasting love. If that isnít good luck, we donít know what is! We can certainly vouch for it increasing your prosperityójust look at our discounts to see how much money youíll save.