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Jasper Beads

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Our jasper beads offer a universe of colors and patterns in just one gem. As a microcrystalline quartz, jasper is one of the most versatile minerals that nature has to offer. From flowing and speckled patterns to lustrous solid tones, jasperís rich hues range from deepest red to palest ivory, with just about every color in between. Choose red brecciated jasper beads with natureís own marbling, the rich color medley of fancy jasper, the elegant opaque pastels of Imperial jasper, and many more. Then again, at Mamaís Mineralsí prices, you donít have to limit your choices at all!

Metaphysical Properties: The metaphysical properties of jasper range as widely as its many varieties. Brecciated jasper is said to enhance both your ability to organize and to relax, while red jaspers is seen as a powerful symbol of protection. The aptly named rainbow jasper is thought to heighten optimism and confidence. All jasper is associated with a sense of wholeness and emotional healing.