5" Banded Onyx Bowls
5" Banded Onyx Bowls

5" Banded Onyx Bowls

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You don?t have to be from the Stone Age to use a stone bowl! Because this Banded Onyx bowl registers as a seven on the Moh?s scale of hardness, it can function in a variety of kitchen, bedroom and bathroom uses. The natural beauty of its green, crŠme, amber and brown swirled colors easily fits into any décor, which is why it makes such a great gift.

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Color: Primarily greens, browns, whites, and tans

Dimensions: 5? bowls approx. 5? x 1-3/4? x 1-1/2? deep

Mineralogy: Banded Onyx (SiO2) is a variety of Chalcedony (cryptocrystalline quartz) containing multiple color bands in greens, browns, whites, tans, reds, and blacks although almost any color is possible outside of purple and blue. Cryptocrystalline consisting of intergrowths of silica (mostly quartz) in parallel bands. Mohs scale 7.

Metaphysical Properties: Used to stimulate self-control, wise decision-making, and encourage happiness.

Please Note: You will receive one similar in size, coloring, and quality as photographed and described above but each piece is unique and will vary slightly. Acidic food and wine will dull the surface of the stone over time. This material is not safe for use in the dishwasher or microwave.


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