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Home>Classes & Events>Apply for Entry - Mama's Minerals 12th Annual Arts and Crafts Fair

Apply for Entry - Mama's Minerals 12th Annual Arts and Crafts Fair

Mama's Minerals 12th Annual Arts & Crafts Fair

FOOD ARTISANS are welcome to apply!

Over 2000 Shoppers

Extensive Fair Advertising to promote the Fair and its Artists

We welcome you to apply for entry into Mama's Minerals 12th Annual Arts & Crafts Fair. The purpose of our Fair is to support our local community by providing a readily accessible space for artists to show and sell their work, and to give back to this same community who has supported Mama’s Minerals for the last 30 years.

Applications will be reviewed to ensure handmade goods only, and to provide a varied and quality selection of arts and crafts to the public.

Our entire application process is now online, including booth fee payments. Please fill out the form below to submit your application.

If you are unable to complete the online application process, you may print out and mail, drop off, or fax your Application and Tent Floor Plan to Corazón Events. Do not drop off these forms at Mama's Minerals. PDF version of Application Form and Tent Floor Plan for printing out is available for download here.

You may also mail your booth fee payment to Corazón Events if you are unable to pay online. See address below.

If you are unable to print out the application form and/or Tent Floor Plan, you may pick these up at the Corazón Events office. See address below.

Deadline for receipt of your application is Friday, September 1.

Deadline for receipt of all application materials and forms, including your Tent Floor Plan and booth fee payment, is Wednesday, September 6.

We will notify applicants of their entry status within one week of submitted application.

You will receive your booth assignment and setup time by email one week before the Fair.

For all inquiries related to your application and the Fair, please call Corazón Events at (505) 890-4381, or email