Banded Onyx Wine Glass Set
Banded Onyx Wine Glass Set

Banded Onyx Wine Glass Set

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Banded Onyx Wine Glass Set of 2

Extremely high quality and sumptuous green coloring make these goblets the perfect housewarming or wedding gift! Your set will come packaged in a satin-lined, green velvet box that can also be used to store your goblets when the party is over.

The shape of these goblets is reminiscent of Harry Potter’s Triwizard Cup or Macbeth’s sinister chalice—but don’t worry, these are fun and safe to drink from!

Each goblet contains bands of green, cream and rust orange; the naturally formed patterns make each piece unique. Onyx is slightly translucent, so these goblets effect a slight glow when backlit.

Use these goblets for serving wine, cider or sangria; they make a unique addition to any dinner table. They also can be displayed on their own. The swirl of colors make them fit into any décor, so they make great gifts.

Color: Primarily browns, greens, whites, and tans

Dimensions: approx 5” tall x 2-1/2" wide”

Mineralogy: A hardness of 3, green onyx (travertine) is a calcium carbonate that is formed from solutions in ground and surface water. Highly patterned and colorful varieties are often used for decorative and home décor objects.

Metaphysical Properties: Used to stimulate self-control, wise decision-making, and encourage happiness.

Please Note: You will receive one similar in size, coloring, and quality as photographed and described above but each piece is unique and will vary slightly. Acidic food and wine will dull the surface of the stone over time. This material is not safe for use in the dishwasher or microwave.


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