Bead, Tiger Eye 10mm Round
Bead, Tiger Eye 10mm Round

Bead, Tiger Eye 10mm Round

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An earth-lover?s dream, Tiger?s Eye is a quartz replacement of crocidolite. The color ranges from crŠme, yellow, copper, bronze, and brown. These beads have fantastic patterning and a high polish that feels great against the skin.

Dimensions: 10mm

Mineralogy: Tiger Iron (silicon dioxide), also called Tiger Eye, is a composed mineral through the process of Crocidolite alteration in which the fibrous mineral Crocidolite (iron and sodium) is transformed and dissolved away by embedded quartz. The embedded quartz, which is primarily golden tiger?s eye, red jasper, and hematite, creates contrasting bands of color and luster. Tiger Eye is a semi-precious gemstone used heavily in ornamentation.

Metaphysical Properties: Using the energies of sand and sun, it combines sharpness and grounding, and resonates to the frequencies of the earth. Used to eliminate the blues, it can bring brightness and optimism

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