Beads, Goldstone Blade Beads
Beads, Goldstone Blade Beads

Beads, Goldstone Blade Beads

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Goldstone is both earthy and flashy all at the same time. The light brown color combines beautifully with turquoise or red.

Dimensions: The beads will vary in size from 13mm to 25mm in length.

Quantity: 6" strand

Mineralogy: Goldstone (also called "Monk's Stone") is a man-made material that has an interesting story surrounding its creation. The legends state that copper was accidentally dropped onto molten glass, and when the craftsmen saw how it crystallized and made the glass sparkle?poof! Goldstone was born.

Metaphysical Properties: Although it is man-made, Goldstone contains copper, which is associated with increasing energy and vitality.

Please note that each piece is unique and you will receive one of similar size, color, and quality as photographed and described above.


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