Citrine Rough Drop Beads 13x6mm

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Dimensions:  13x6mm

Length:  15 inches

Mineralogy: Citrine is a type of Quartz (silicon dioxide) which is the most abundant single mineral on earth. It makes up about 12% of the earth's crust, occurring in a wide variety of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. Quartz varieties are commonly separated into two groups based on the size of the individual grains or crystals -- macrocrystalline quartz, in which individual crystals are distinguishable with the naked eye, and cryptocrystalline quartz, in which the individual crystals are too small to be easily distinguishable under the light microscope.

Metaphysical Properties: dissipates and transmutes negative energy rather than accumulating it. Citrine also has a positive influence on matters related to education, business pursuits, and interpersonal relationships.

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