Large Cleoniceras Ammonite Pair
Large Cleoniceras Ammonite Pair

Cleoniceras Ammonite Pair 5"

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 This fossilized Cleoniceras ammonite Pair is greener than most ammonites, featuring a mix of olive and fern that blends into colors of rust orange and cream. It’s polished on both the interior and exterior sides to allow the details of each to stand out. The inside features multiple chambers containing beautiful crystalline structures within the growth chambers of the Fibonacci spiral. The exterior shows sections of opalized mineral shell called ammolite.

This beautiful earth tone piece is elegant and versatile enough to fit into many décor schemes and makes an exquisite housewarming gift for anyone with an interest in fossils, the sea, or an eye for the artistry of nature’s creations.

Dimensions: Each half is approximately 5-1/2” x 4-1/2” x 5/8”

Fossil Information: Ammonites are extinct cephalopods that lived in the ocean that once covered the Sahara Desert about 400 million years ago (during the Devonian period). The modern-day squid, octopus, and chambered nautilus are also cephalopods. Ammonites were first called Ammon’s Stones for their resemblance to the ram’s horns of Ammon, ancient Egyptian God of life and procreation.

Please Note: This is not a one of a kind item, you will receive a specimen with similar quality and characteristics.


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