At Mama’s Minerals we inspire, educate, and equip for a lifetime of hobby enjoyment.

Our values are reflected in everything we do from our focus on customers to our commitment to fair priced quality products. Our values serve as a foundation for how we serve our customers, how we treat each other, and how we serve our communities.

What we do
We are more than a rock shop
Mama’s Minerals provides quality products, expert advice, and community outreach to the hobbyists and consumers related to our business. We focus on rocks, minerals, fossils, beads, and all the things that go with it. From the artisans creating their next great piece to the educators tirelessly teaching Earth Sciences, we provide the information and products they need.

We love what we do
People at Mama’s Minerals are committed to sharing their passion for our hobbies, whether with expert advice or quality products. We believe in our business – from beading to rockhounding to collecting or providing beautiful and unique gifts – we practice what we preach.

We love our customers
Working at Mama’s Minerals is about helping each customer get the most out of his or her hobbies. We don’t peddle products, we provide enrichment and help our customers enjoy life through their hobbies, the art they make, and the gifts they give. Every decision we make is aimed at providing the best services and products to our customers.

We live by a rock-solid code of ethics
Every opinion and individual contribution is respected and valued at Mama’s Minerals. We believe our differences are critical to our success and promote an honest, open, and nurturing environment where everyone is comfortable and valued. Whether its staff, customer, suppliers, or the community; we treat everybody with respect and integrity.

We love teaching
Every staff member at Mama’s Minerals is an expert in at least one of our business areas and we love to share our knowledge with customers. We host hours of free and paid classes every year teaching the basics of what we do and expanding the skills and techniques around our hobby types.

We love our friends
Everyone at Mama’s Minerals is committed to supporting and fostering the artisans, clubs, groups, and educators involved in our line of work. We believe in community and donate thousands of dollars a year to clubs and groups to encourage the hobbies around our work.

We encourage enjoyment
We know at Mama’s Minerals that no matter how much we love our work it is only a portion of our lives. We encourage enjoyment in all aspects of life by providing ample time off, access to superior health care, and flexibility in scheduling.