Fluorite Octahedron Collection
Fluorite Octahedron Collection

Fluorite Octahedron Collection

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Fluorite (calcium fluoride) comes in an amazing array of colors. It is commonly found in purple, blue, green, yellow, and clear, but can also occur in reddish orange, pink, white, and brown. Octahedrons are formed when the natural habit of the mineral (a cube) is broken; the cleavage is along four identical planes, and creates an 8-sided crystal.

Fluorite also has fluorescent and phosphorescent properties, which vary for each specimen. It may fluoresce blue under short-wave UV light, but also yellow, green, red, white, and purple. Some samples will fluoresce one color under short-wave light, another under long-wave, and phosphoresce a third color!

In this unique collection, you will receive one large (about 5/8" per side) and two medium (about 1/2" per side) Fluorite Octahedrons in a variety of colors, plus an anodized tin display box with a transparent cover. (Box colors vary.) NOTE:  We are currently substituting a velvet pouch for the display box.

Please note: These natural, unpolished specimens are rare, and so sizes, shapes and colors will vary.

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