Fossilized Echinoid Specimens
Fossilized Echinoid Specimens

Fossilized Echinoid Specimen

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This Fossilized Echinoid is the exquisite remains of a marine animal that lived in the seas millions of years ago. It is of the class Echinoidea, which includes sand dollars and sea urchins, and displays the characteristic five sets of pores arranged in a petal pattern.

Found in Madagascar, this fossil is 120 million years old (Cretaceous Period). It is polished to a high sheen to better display its organic patterns and mottled gold and tan coloration.

The echinoid you receive will be similar in quality and appearance to those shown in the above photo, and measures from 2-3/8 to 3" in diameter and 7/8 to 1-1/4" high. Some may have a sand matrix on the bottom surface.

An extraordinary gift for someone you love!

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