Gardening Kit - Earth Day Every Day

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Revitalize and jump start your garden! A unique and natural addition to your spring gardening routine.  A great gift idea for any gardener!  

Your kit includes: 
A stone collection, with black velvet pouch, to help enhance your garden's vitality:
   1.  Moonstone - Promote restorative health and happy plants with the energy of the moon
   2.  Malachite - Encourage growth, abundance and protections from electromagnetic frequencies (EMF)
   3.  Clear Quartz - Boost vitality and power of minerals in the soil 
   4.  Tigers Eye - Foster root growth and strength
   5.  Citrine - Cleanse and energize the soil by transmuting negative to positive energy
Two bags of natural soil additives ...  Natural Phosphate &  Natural Copper, Zinc, Iron Sulphide

Use the contents of your gardening kit in a pot at least 12" in diameter.  Mix soil additives into the top 3"-4" of soil and bury the stones throughout the pot.  You can also use your stones to create a grid for your plant. 

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