4-Step Grit Kit
4-Step Grit Kit

Mama's 4-Step Grit Kit

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Our Four-Step Grit Kit is maximized to tumble a wide variety of rough rock -- from soft to hard -- and contains enough grit to tumble approx. 10 lbs. of stones. Step 1 (coarse) is a of 60/90 silicon carbide abrasive; Step 2 (medium), 120/220 silicon carbide abrasive; and Step 3 (fine), is a 500 fine mesh silicon carbide abrasive.

Step 4 uses the newer TXP super high-end polish for all rock types including very hard ones such as petrified woods, agates, etc. This top quality tumbling polish is a micron alumina product that is non-toxic (still not suitable for drains).

Step 1-3 grits are 1 lb. containers. Step 4 is a 1/2 lb. container.

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