Stainless Steel Shot with Pins, 1 Lb. Jewelry Mixture
Stainless Steel Shot with Pins, 1 Lb. Jewelry Mixture

Mama's Stainless Steel Shot with Pins

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Shaped and sized for jewelry work, our Mama's Minerals brand Stainless Steel Shot for Burnishing Metal consists of a mixture of small (3-5mm) balls, ball-cones, angle-cut cylinders, and pins. Pins are expensive shapes, but the most important because they get into tiny places other shapes cannot. This shot is rust-resistant and the different shapes and sizes ensure that your metal pieces get burnished evenly.

Standard use is approximately 30-40% shot by volume, then balance the items you want to polish. The load is covered with distilled water and a Burnishing Compound. Run times vary from 15 minutes to 8 hours, depending on the type of tumbler (rotary or vibratory), the kind of metal (gold, silver, etc.), and the extent of pre-finishing.

Burnishing tips: Check progress frequently, particularly with delicate pieces. Do not allow the liquid to turn dark; change as needed to avoid work discoloration. Large pieces may require higher rations of media to load, and large flat areas may require longer running times.

1 lb. container that will last a very long time.

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