MiniSonic MT10 Vibratory Rock Tumbler/Jewelry Polisher with Two 4 Lb. Hoppers
MiniSonic MT10 Vibratory Rock Tumbler/Jewelry Polisher with Two 4 Lb. Hoppers

MiniSonic MT10 Vibratory Rock Tumbler/Jewelry Polisher with Two 4 Lb. Hoppers

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The MT-10 Mini-Sonic Vibratory Tumbler employs vibration rather than rotation as the driving force that powers the action of the tumbling load inside the tumbling hopper. This forces the tumbling load to alternately separate and compact during each cycle, allowing fresh abrasive (grit) to be drawn in between the materials in the tumbler hopper (which is motionless except for the driving arc of motion). Compared to a rotary tumbler, a vibratory tumbler uses less grit and processes a load much faster (1-3 weeks, compared to 4-6 weeks or more for a rotary tumbler).

The Mini-Sonic tumbler operates without shafts, belts, pulleys, eccentric weights or even a motor. With no moving parts, this tumbler typically outlasts other types. The tumbler housing is durable ABS plastic, which is long-lasting and easy to clean, while the hopper is cast polyvinyl, which will last for thousands of tumbling hours.

The operating frequency is in excess of 3,500 vibrations per minute, and the rotation and intensity level is adjustable with electronic controls.

This MT-10 Mini-Sonic comes with two hoppers, each with a 4-pound capacity and the unit measures approximately 12" long x 14" wide x 8" tall (including the dimensions of the hopper). It will tumble-polish any type of stone, from opal to topaz, as well as metal objects like coins, shell casings, and jewelry findings.

The manufacturer's operating instructions in the Owner's Manual serve as a guideline, but you'll find that you will soon develop your own methods and grit sequences for polishing different types of stones. Unless you're tumbling materials with a Moh's hardness of 7.5 and above, you can omit the manufacturer's Step 4 instructions (pre-polish with 600 Grit Aluminum Oxide) and move directly to their Step 5 (final polish).

Our vibratory tumbling kit, which contains enough grit to process 10-14 pounds of rock, ceramic media, and 2 pounds of regular tumbling rock, is optimized to work well with any type of load?in only 4 steps.

Tumbling Tip: Although the MT-10 is relatively quiet when in operation, you can decrease the vibration noise even more by setting the machine on a rubber mat or piece of old carpet.

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