Moldavite: Friend or Faux?

Moldavite: Friend or Faux  Recently we made a large jewelry purchase and in the batch was a pendant made with fake moldavite. We had
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Perseid Meteor Shower "Outburst" Expected in August

In August 2016, astronomers expect an outburst of Perseid meteors! The prediction is for 200 meteors per hour seen on the peak night, August 11-12 (evening of August 11, morning of August 12). That’s about double the usual rate.

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New Mexico Man is on a Mission... to Mars

Mama’s Minerals was pleased to host Zachary Gallegos as a featured guest at the recent Grand Opening of our new Albuquerque store, where he met with the public and shared his personal mission—to be one of the first human settlers on Mars.

Gallegos is a graduate student and researcher in Earth and Planetary Sciences at the University of New Mexico. He is now among 100 finalists selected from over 202,000 applicants for what is planned to be the first manned mission to the Red Planet. The Mars One project is a privately funded venture that aims to send astronauts on a one-way mission to establish a permanent colony on the planet.

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