Peridot/Olivine Bomb
Peridot/Olivine Bomb

Peridot/Olivine Bomb

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This intriguing rock encrusted with large nodular areas of peridot (gem-quality olivine) crystals is called a Peridot or Olivine "Bomb" because the peridot masses, which formed deep in the earth’s crust, were carried to the surface by basaltic magma and gasses and ejected into the atmosphere during a volcanic eruption. This impressive specimen features patches of translucent, yellow-green to dark olive peridot crystals, along with bright green diopside grains and black pyroxenes, covering a matrix of grey basalt.

Peridot, the birthstone for those born in August, is said to increase intuition, reduce stress, and stimulate personal growth.

Dimensions: Peridot bombs are rough rock in varying natural rock shapes, sizes are a loose Approx. and can vary significantly

Small: roughly 2-4” rock

Medium: roughly 4-6” rock

Large: roughly 6-8”



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