By AnneMarie Mal

Remember the magic of being a child? Most of us believed that if we willed it hard enough, we could awaken our dormant superpowers.  As adults, many of us lament that our psychic gifts had not been encouraged at a young age. Here are a few exercises you can do to awaken your child’s sensitivities to stones and help them to develop their own intuition:

1) Create a “Rock Altar” in their room. Put a Quartz cluster in a special place and let them know that they can keep stones they find or are special to them on or around the cluster.

2) Use a stone wand to massage their back as they fall asleep. You can also play a game where you make shapes on their back with the wand and have them guess the shape. Rose Quartz is especially effective at sending loving energy.

3) Play “Heal the Sick Person.”  In this exercise, have one person lie down and give the child a selection of rocks. Instruct them to lay the stones on the person’s body where they think it will make them feel better.  Tell them to point a quartz wand to the stones they think need a little extra magic.

4) In the morning, let them pick a stone to take with them to school, especially on days you know they will be challenged. Focus a loving intention toward the stone while holding it. Have them keep it in their pocket for the day as a touchstone for your love.