Stretch Magic .5mm Clear Beading Cord
Stretch Magic .5mm Clear Beading Cord

Stretch Magic .5mm Clear Beading Cord

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Made of a high-tech polymer that won't crack or harden over time, this stretchy jewelry cord is ideal for any beading work. This cord is 1/2mm in diameter and crystal clear, so it's perfect for any type of bead, crystal, or pearl. The spool contains 5 meters (16.4 ft) of cord. Made in the USA by the Pepperell Braiding Company.

Stretch Magic is strong and stretches like elastic--and that makes your jewelry creations easy to wear and remove! Plus, its non-fraying properties create a neat and professional look and make knotting easy.

Bead-Stringing Tip: To ensure that knots stay tied, use an overhand or double overhand knot when closing off. For extra security with the double overhand knot, put a drop of instant glue between the two knots.

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