Turquoise 3mm Facted Round

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Turquoise is so versatile, it’s use in popular fashion has spanned thousands of years! Thought of as a protection and calming stone, the reverence for Turquoise can be seen across the world in almost every single culture.

Quantity:  Approx. 136 per strand

Dimensions:  3mm 

Mineralogy:  Turquoise is a hydrous basic phosphate consisting of mainly copper and aluminum but may contain small amounts of iron.  Turquoise forms as a secondary mineral in the zone of alteration in disseminated hydrothermal replacement deposits.  The mineral varies significantly in color from dull bluish-green to apple-green to almost black-green; however, gem quality coloring is primarily sky blue and bright blue.

Metaphysical Properties:  Protection, Communication, Calm well-being

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