Turquoise Tumbled Stone Collection
Turquoise Tumbled Stone Collection

Turquoise Tumbled Stone Collection

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Our collection consists of a soft deerskin pouch filled with 12 assorted tumbled turquoise nuggets in varying shades (none are dyed) and sizes.

One (1) 1/2" to 1" Turquoise with Pyrite from Mexico

One (1) 1/4" Turquoise from Mexico

Three (3) 3/4" pieces from Arizona

Four (4) 1/4 to 1/2" pieces from Arizona

Two (2) 1/4" to 1/2" pieces from the Battle Mountain mine in Nevada (natural)

One (1) handcarved donut from China.

Turquoise has long been a favorite in Southwestern jewelry-making and carving, perhaps because its color matches the hue of the sunny, Southwestern skies. Having a beautiful nugget of turquoise, with the earthy tones of the matrix it often contains, is like holding the world in your hand.

Turquoise is often found where copper is mined, in many parts of the world (most often China, the Middle East, and the American Southwest). It is naturally brittle, so stabilizers are usually added to prevent chipping or breaking.

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