White's TDI SL Metal Detector
White's TDI SL Metal Detector

White's TDI SL Metal Detector

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Finding gold was just the beginning! TDI was originally designed for prospecting; now optimized for exceptional performance for relic, beach, even coin hunting.

Selectable Conductivity and Adjustable Pulse Delay are two features unique to the TDI. They not only aid the Gold Prospector in enhancing the detection of Gold, but allow Coin, Relic and Beach Hunters to enhance the detection of their specific targets as well. Also features professional-level ground-balancing, pulse induction detection.

Unlike any other metal detector on the market today, the TDI is capable of remarkable depth and extreme sensitivity in the worst grounds.


• Full-control Ground Balance. Quickly balance out the iron mineralization of hot rocks, black sand, and other tough grounds.

• Adjustable Pulse Delay - Settings from 10 microseconds (best for finding gold nuggets) to 25 microseconds (for relic, coin and beach hunting).

• Variable Audio Select with Ground Balance “ON”

• 3-Way Target Conductivity Selector allows variable audio to hear either only low conductive targets like most gold nuggets, or high-conductive targets like silver coins and large relics, or both. This unique ability aids in identifying trash, too.

• Threshold Control. Accurately adjust the audio to hear the smaller, deeper signals.

• Frequency Control adjusts for hunting near power lines, microwave or other environmental interference.

• Battery Life L.E.D. lights.

• Waterproof 7.5" or 12” spider search coils available.

• Two powerful 14.4 Volt Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery Packs included.

• Two-year Parts and Labor Warranty.

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