Zodiac Pouch - Leo
Zodiac Pouch - Leo

Zodiac Pouch - Leo

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The Leo Pouch shown above contains seven fascinating stones--each measuring from 1/4" to 3/4" by 1/4" to 1" by 1/4" to 3/4"--in a 3" by 4" black velvet drawstring pouch. Our wonderful and unique Zodiac Pouches are formulated for each individual astrological Sun sign.

The tumble-polished stones and crystals are chosen based on their energetic properties and are intended to complement positive traits, supplement imbalances, and protect against downfalls. Each sign has good, bad, and quirky qualities that may affect the character of a person born under that sign. Anyone can carry a desired pouch to take advantage of the minerals' metaphysical attributes.

The healing stones included in the pouch, along with how they can help the Leo native, include:

Amazonite: Enhances creativity and outward love; helps balance love and softens the ego.

Rose Quartz: Opens the heart, the romantic kingdom of the lion.

Amethyst: Expands the higher mind, allowing Leos to access a more spiritual aspect within themselves.

Aventurine: A wonderful healing stone for the heart, aligning personal power with that organ.

Pyrite: Brings prosperity and class to the luxurious Leo, while helping him or her to work harmoniously with others.

Hematite: Protects against harm, as Leo's ego sometimes arouses anger in others.

Clear Quartz: Helps the king of the zodiac shine his or her powerful light on needed areas of life.

Check out our entire collection of zodiac pouches. If you want an unusual, affordable gift for family, friends, and other loved ones, this is it!

LEARN MORE about the Metaphysical Properties of Gems and Minerals and Birthstones.


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