Chakra Necklace & Chakra Pouch

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Feel and look great with a Chakra Necklace from Mama's Minerals. Roughly half of the necklace is composed of Basalt, a porous igneous rock most commonly formed from lava flow. Basalt is said to increase willpower, give courage, strength, and persistence. The rest of the necklace is composed of Amethyst- for the Crown Chakra, Sodalite- for the Third Eye Chakra, Turquoise- for the Throat Chakra, Ruby Zoisite- for the Heart Chakra, Yellow Jasper- for the Solar Plexus Chakra, Tiger Eye- for the Sacral Chakra, and Red Jasper- for the Root Chakra. There are also 7 tumbled stones for each Chakra in the kit. The kit comes with a large sheer pouch and wooden container for storage. 

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