Gemstone Vial Pendant 8 Sided
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Have your essential oils or perfume on hand in a glittering crystal capsule. Four stone options with their own unique energetic properties. The bottle is approximately 1"x1.5". Already attached adjustable 18"-20" base metal gold-tone chain. 
Amazonite Matte Rounds 10mm
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10mm Amazonite beads 16" strands. Amazonite is said to be a great stone for cultivating happiness because it is thought to heal the inner child.
Ametrine Tumbled Brazil 1"
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Ametrine Tumbled Stone Brazil approximately 1".  Ametrine is a combination of amethyst and ferruginous quartz or citrine. It's subtle but striking. Ametrine is a calming stone that helps to clear and balance emotional energy.
Amethyst Tumbled Stone Extra Quality Brazil 1"
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Amethyst Tumbled Stone Xtra Quality Brazil approximately 1" in diameter. Amethyst is a variety of Quartz that owes its color to small amounts of iron impurities in the crystal structure of the quartz. Amethyst is a calming and meditative stone that can he
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