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These tumbled epidote stones are formed into a pleasing, soft shape with rounded edges which can be used for massage, as a type of worry stone, a Feng Shui element, or as a simple accent on your desk. Shaped in Peru from large masses of epidote crystals, there are cavities left unshaped which allow glimpses of intact crystal segments within.

Color: Yellowish-green or pistachio green, and more rarely forest green, brownish green, or greenish black.

Dimensions: Approximately 0.75" x 0.75" x 0.5"

Mineralogy: Epidote is the name given to the most common and iron-rich mineral in the epidote mineral group. It is metamorphic, and a major component of the rocks epidosite and unakite. Crystals may be prismatic or fibrous. Epidote is usually a yellowish-green or pistachio green, and more rarely forest green, brownish green, or greenish black.

Metaphysical Properties: Epidote has the ability to enhance any energy. It is a particularly helpful stone when attempting to cultivate higher vibrational energy in a space. Epidote has been said to bring about more of the energy that is around it. It is an important stone to work with while in a positive mindset because it will continue to enhance the positivity. If it was exposed to negative thought patterns or energy, it could continue to cultivate negative energetic patterns. This may sound intimidating, however, in both of these situations epidote help heals because it brings energetic patterns to light so they can be understood and cleared. It is very powerful and useful when used in the correct way.

As with all of Mother Nature's creations, appearance will vary, but the item you receive will be similar in quality to the photos above.

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