Gifts for Big Kids

BYOG - Break Your Own Geode - SMALL
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All kids young and old love geodes! The rough exterior of these spheres hide a sparkling universe inside. Only you can discover the contents with this unopened and unpolished Moroccan geode.
Water Solubility Test Kit
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Did you know some minerals and rocks will dissolve in water? In this activity we will examine how water reacts with water-soluble halite (rock salt), gypsum, and a variety of gypsum called selenite. Educational guide included.
Fizzy Carbonates Test Kit - Use All Your Deductive Powers!
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Look and listen for any clues that will help you find which stones contain carbonate! Kit includes silt stone, yellow and green calcite, gypsum rose, and an aragonite cluster and a magnifying glass to help you discern any "fizzing"!
The Official Karma Violation Ticket Book
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Join the Karma Police...and help set the record straight. Armed with The Official Karma Violation Ticket Book you can let friends, family, co-workers, even celebrities and politicians know they did a NO-NO! Remember...."What Goes Around Comes Around..."