Golden Tiger Eye Faceted Round 4mm

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Product description

Bead Size: 4mm

Strand Length: 16"

Mineralogy:  Tiger eye is actually a metamorphic rock (not a mineral) that is formed from the partial or total alteration of one or more amphibole minerals, along with minute quartz crystals intergrown within the layers. Tiger eye is chatoyant or displays an attractive play of light due to the reflection of light rays.  

Metaphysical Properties:  Using the energies of sand and sun, tiger eye combines sharpness and grounding, and resonates to the frequencies of the earth. Thought to eliminate the blues, it is said it can bring brightness and optimism. Tiger eye is also thought to be very good for cultivating courage and the “eye of the tiger” mentality. This can be very insightful while understanding our own self-power and will. It is thought to resonate with the solar plexus as it boosts self-confidence and purpose. 

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