Labradorite Crescent Moons 30mm

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Honor and access the energies of the moon with a Labradorite Crescent Moon

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1"x.5" (30mm)

Mineralogy: Labradorite is anorthite, a member of the plagioclase feldspar mineral group. Labradorite has a base of gray with iridescent displays of yellows, golds, pinks, blues, purples, and/or greens on the surface. This schiller or labradorescence (play of color and light due to light reflection between mineral layers) is especially directional, with vibrant changes of color as you rotate the stone.

Metaphysical Properties: Labradorite is a profound teacher that dwells in multiple layers of consciousness. Therefore, it can be an excellent teacher that brings very valuable information to the surface. It is a stone of magic that can help in the awaking process and stepping into consciousness. Labradorite is a stone of consciousness and transformation. It is an excellent stone for traveling. Labradorite uses its own rainbows to enhance and cultivate rainbows within the aura and light body and therefore transcend to higher forms of consciousness. It is a great stone for developing psychic gifts and gaining universal awareness and understanding. 

Due to Mother Nature's varied palate, every stone is different. However, the piece you receive will be similar in quality to the pictures above. 

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