Lapis Lazuli Point 126-150g

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Lapis Lazuli Polished Point

*Because of Mother Nature's varied palette, each stone will be unique.

Size: Between 2.5" & 3.5" tall

Location: Afghanistan

Mineralogy: It is a metamorphic rock comprised primarily of a variety of sodalite called lazurite, along with smaller amounts of calcite and iron pyrite. Lapis has a distinctive blue color due to the high lazurite content. For generations, Lapis has been valued as a decorative stone, used in carvings and jewelry.  

Metaphysical Properties:Lapis lazuli is thought to be one of the most profound aspects of blue-ray energy. The blue-ray is excellent for working on the third eye and developing deeper understandings of the spiritual realm. Lapis is an excellent stone for gaining a more profound awareness of who we are and why we came to the earth. Lapis is also a stone of purification and it is really good for clearing the physical and energetic body. It has also been noted to be helpful in fighting headaches and vision problems.  

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