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Love Gridding Kit w/ Obsidian Charging Plate
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Grids are made by placing crystals or stones in a geometric pattern and using intention to focus one's energy on a specific purpose or goal. The crystals or stones become charged by one's intention and energy due to the various frequencies they carry.
Fall Equinox Crystal Grid Kit
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Get into the fall spirit with these six fall equinox crystals! Use to make a grid, or put them into a medicine pouch. 
Crystal Kit
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Introduce yourself to the world of crystal healing! The "A Little Bit of Crystals" book advises on choosing crystals, crystal elixirs, meditation, and fortunetelling. 6 crystals are included: selenite, petrified wood, chrysocolla, aragonite, & howlite.
Mini Smudging/Cleansing Kit
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This mini smudging/cleansing set features Sage & palo santo, which have been traditionally used by native peoples to help cleanse the energy of a space or person. Kit includes a mini abalone shell & quartz crystal.
Aromatherapy Salt Lamp
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Wind down and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy with an Aromatherapy Salt Lamp from Mama's Minerals! 
Palo Santo Individual Smudging Cleansing Stick
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Translating as "Holy Wood," Palo Santo has a citrus & frankincense aroma and is used for smudging/cleansing a person or space. Sourced from Peru & sustainably harvested. Qty 1 stick
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