Mama's Minerals Advent Calendar

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Enjoy a unique Advent calendar for this Holiday Season! Instead of candy, enjoy 25 different stones and fossils to count down to Christmas.  Each specimen is numbered with its own day of Advent, has its own ID tag, and comes individually wrapped in tissue paper to preserve the surprise until the appropriate reveal day. Bonus Day 25 is an extra special surprise! Specimens are small enough to fit in most wooden Advent calendar drawers.

Packaged in a white gable box with an attractive label.

Items included: Agate Slice, Lamna Shark Tooth Fossil, Ruby Zoisite, Gypsum Variety Selenite, Iron Pyrite, Rhyolite, Rainbow Calcite Chunk, Brachiopod Fossil, Aqua Aura Quartz Sphere, Lepidolite, Ammonite Fossil, Limonite after Iron Pyrite, Quartz Point, Orthoceras Fossil, Gastropod Fossil, Fluorite Octahedron, Glass and Rhodium Beads, Oco Mini Geode, Dyed Crackle Quartz Point, Chalcopyrite, Aragonite, Orange Calcite, Horn Coral Fossil, Tumbled Opalite, Selenite Polished Chunk.

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