Natural Moldavite .75gram

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Moldavite may sound like the stuff that grows on old bread, but it is actually a molten vitreous rock caused by a meteoric impact 15 million years ago. Its olive green color distinguishes it as one of the rarest varieties of Tektites, found only in the Moldau River Valley of the Czech Republic. The curious pitting and unique wrinkles on each piece are a result of earth materials being molten upon impact and flung into the atmosphere.

Metaphysical Properties: Popular with metaphysicians as a celestial stone of transformation and communication, it is reputed to raise the vibration of the wearer.

You will receive one piece (approx. .75g) of Moldavite.

Have a question about your Moldavite? Watch our video on how to analyze and discover whether moldavite is real or fake.

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