Pyrite Sphere

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Stone spheres make beautiful and unique decoration pieces. Use it for home decor or add it to a shrine for a boost in abundance and protection. 

Color: Metallic brass or gold 

Mineralogy: Pyrite is an iron disulfide that often includes substantial amounts of nickel, cobalt, or arsenic.  Iron pyrite is the most abundant of the sulfide minerals and occurs in many types of rocks and hydrothermal veins. It is often mistaken for gold and has earned the name “Fools Gold”, though iron pyrite is easily distinguishable from gold due to its hardness, brightness, and lower density. 

Metaphysical Properties: Pyrite encourages connection between the conscious and subconscious mind as well as supports memory, psychic development, and strength of will. Pyrite is also extremely protective. It acts as an energetic shield against all negativity. It is a great stone to work with to clear abundance blocks. Pyrite cultivates wealth, happiness, and good luck.  

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