Rainbow Aura Titanium Quartz Cores

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Product description

This cheerful rainbow aura titanium quartz core would make a great gift for a loved one, or bring a splash of color to any mineral display.

Color:  Interwoven patches of pink, blue, purple with glimpses of clear to white quartz peeking through 

MineralogyRainbow Aura Quartz is a “human-enhanced” mineral. Natural quartz is placed in a high temperature vacuum chamber. Aerosolized titanium within the chamber then mechanically bonds in a very thin layer to the surface of the quartz. As it is mechanically bonded to the quartz surface, the rainbow coating will not chip or flake off. 

Metaphysical:  Rainbow Aura Quartz displays the metaphysical properties of both quartz and the titanium bonded to its surface. It also activates and aligns all 7 chakras. Aura quartz is symbolic of the energy around each of us. This energy is called the aura. Aura quartz can be very healing for the aura and help heal holes that have occurred in the energy field. 

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