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Fall Equinox Crystal Grid Kit
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Get into the fall spirit with these six fall equinox crystals! Use to make a grid, or put them into a medicine pouch. 
Black Tourmaline Chrysocolla Sphere
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Black Tourmaline with Chrysocolla polished sphere.
Pyrite Sphere
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Stone spheres make beautiful and unique decoration pieces. Use it for home decor or add it to a shrine for a boost in abundance and protection.
Jewelry Box with Secret Drawer VtMed
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This innovative cedar jewelry box is created from a cedar log with a surprise hidden drawer within the main drawer for extra security! The pleasant cedar scent and natural look will lend a subtle, rustic charm to any dressing table.
White California Sage 5"
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Traditionally used by native peoples, white sage is used to help cleanse the energy of a space or person. It can be paired with palo santo to use the elements of water and earth together. This white sage is sourced from California.
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