Learn and Explore

There's so much to learn about rocks and minerals! Perhaps you're interested in treasure hunting with metal detectors and gold prospecting equipment. Perhaps you'd rather create your own treasures and need to learn about rock tumbling, rock polishing, jewelry making, selecting bead supplies, or building indoor garden fountains.

If you can't attend one of our classes, use our web site as a convenient resource for articles and online links.


Whether you're a veteran beader or a beginner, here's useful information about the history and chemistry of pearls, a glossary of beading terms and a guide to bead sizes.

Feng Shui

Putting a fountain together to enhance your living or office space? Whether you’re perfecting the Feng Shui of your fountain or just need help assembling it, we can help.


How are fossils formed? How do we find them? What do they tell us about prehistoric life? Find out all this and more.

Gem & Mineral Clubs

A directory of gem and mineral, rockhounding and other geology clubs in the US and beyond.


Learn about stone magic, cleansing crystals, birthstone facts and the metaphysical properties of various minerals.


Learn when to check out meteor showers, how the Sikhote Alin Meteorite shattered windows when it hit in 1947, how to find your own micrometeorites, and how the mysterious glass known as tektite formed.

Rocks, Minerals and Prospecting

Our Rocks, Minerals & Prospecting section will help you learn about, identify, and how to care for rocks and minerals.  Oh yeah, and where to find gold and how to pan for it!

Rock Tumbling, Polishing & Carving

Information on how to polish rocks, gems and glass in vibratory and rotary tumblers, as well as guides to grit, how to choose the right tumbler, how to clean quartz, stone carving, and more.