Learn About Meteorites

Canyon Diablo Meteorites

Learn more about the behemoth meteorite that created Arizona’s famous meteor crater, and the Canyon Diablo meteorites found nearby.

Collecting Micrometeorites

Finding your very own space rocks is easy! All you need is a magnet and a bit of time to find your own micrometeorites. This makes a great project for kids!

Gibeon Meteorite Slices: The Widmanstätten Pattern

Four-billion-year-old designs and patterns… from SPACE!

How to Tell if You've Found a Meteorite

So, you think you've found a meteorite. . . but how can you be sure? Here’s a few tests you can try.

Mars Meteorites

These meteorites aren’t just from space… they’re from Mars! Learn how they got here and how we know they’re Martian.

Meteor Showers

Have you ever seen a shooting star? A streak of light across the night sky that's gone almost before you notice it? Here’s what those are and why they happen.

Moldavite: The Mysterious and Magical Tektite

Learn more about this beautiful green tektite from the Czech Republic.

Nantan Meteorites

The “unmeltable” iron ore that turned out to be a 500-year-old meteorite!


Where does this mysterious natural glass come from?

The Gibeon Meteorite

Learn more about this huge meteorite that fell in what is now Namibia, and the giant strewn field that it created.

The Odessa Meteorite

These nickel-iron meteorites struck in West Texas thousands of years ago and left several craters.

The Sikhote-Alin Meteorite

A fireball from the sky, shattered windows, and a sound like thunder… This isn't the start of a movie—it's what happened when a meteorite hit Siberia in 1947.

Stony Meteorites

Stony meteorites are by far the most common among all observed meteorite falls. Because most of them are the remains of the crust and mantle of asteroids, they greatly resemble ordinary terrestrial rocks.