Moldavite: The Mysterious and Magical Tektite

Moldavite specimen

Moldavite may sound like the stuff that grows on old bread, but it is actually a vitreous rock with an extraterrestrial causation. About 15 million years ago, a large meteorite impact created a strewn field of Moldavite in Central Europe, centering on what is now the Moldau River valley in the Czech Republic.

Moldavite is an exquisite and rare variety of tektite, and has an ethereal olive green appearance with a naturally rippled surface. The curious pittings and unique wrinkles on each piece are an artifact of earth materials that were molten upon impact by the meteorite and, as theorized by many scientists, ejected beyond Earth's atmosphere and then rained back down to earth.

Pendant with MoldaviteThis unique mineral material has long been used as a gemstone. Some claim that Moldavite was the green stone in the Holy Grail of Arthurian legend. Because of the sky-meets-earth nature of Moldavite, it is regarded in the metaphysical community for having a very high vibrational level. It's commonly believed to be a powerful chakra opener, and to help manifest positive life change in the wearer's life. It is also used by some to facilitate communication with extraterrestrials. Not only is this stone reputed to increase telepathic communication, but it is also celebrated as a stone of transformation and divine love.

When holding it, many people express an immediate reaction to its power in the form of tingling extremities. Come by the store or order a piece online to see for yourself what Moldavite can do for you!

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