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How to Protect Your Home's Energy During The Holidays

The holidays can be as overwhelming and stressful as they are warm and magical. The constant flow of people and the accompanying stress can sometimes cause a stale or even overbearing energy to settle into a home. These bad vibes can often linger long after guests have left, throwing off the energy of a home for some time. Here are a few ways to keep the energy of your home light and soothing with guests coming and going, and how to cleanse residual vibes after the holidays are through. 

Prophecy Stones

Prophecy Stones Prophecy Stone is the name given to a pseudomorph Limonite/Hematite after Pyrite/Marcasite. Pseudomorph refers to the process of one mineral replacing another, causing the mineral to develop in a different crystalline structure than it typically would. Prophecy stone is a bumpy spikey grey/black/reddish stone made of Limonite and Hematite in the shape of Pyrite and Marcasite, which it grew onto and replaced. 


Opal Opal is an often colorful semi-opaque silicate mineraloid found in the Earth's crust. Precious Opal is a valuable and widely loved gemstone for its beautiful and flashy displays of color. It has a high vibration and is supposed to be a very lucky stone. It can display any color making it an excellent choice for any metaphysical need. It's supportive in