Prophecy Stones

Prophecy Stone is the name given to a pseudomorph Limonite/Hematite after Pyrite/Marcasite. Pseudomorph refers to the process of one mineral replacing another, causing the mineral to develop in a different crystalline structure than it typically would. Prophecy stone is a bumpy spikey grey/black/reddish stone made of Limonite and Hematite in the shape of Pyrite and Marcasite, which it grew onto and replaced. 

Limonite is an amorphous mineraloid consisting of mostly hydrous iron oxides. It is a secondary material, generally forming from the weathering of iron-rich minerals like hematite and pyrite. Hematite is an iron-oxide mineral. Pyrite is an iron disulfide mineral, often called "fools gold" due to its color and metallic luster. Marcasite is very similar to Pyrite, however, it has an orthorhombic crystalline structure rather than a cubic structure. 

Prophecy Stones are found in the Libyan Desert in Egypt, near where Libyan Desert Glass is located. Prophecy Stone has a high vibrational frequency, making it a powerful tool for spiritual guidance. It helps with understanding what path one's life is on and what the next steps should be. It is a rare stone that cultivates a connection between the root and crown chakras. It creates a rare opportunity to glimpse into future consequences based on current position and decisions. Hence the name, Prophecy Stone helps sharpen one's intuition regarding events to come. 

Kira Clayton
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