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Prophecy Stones

Prophecy Stones Prophecy Stone is the name given to a pseudomorph Limonite/Hematite after Pyrite/Marcasite. Pseudomorph refers to the process of one mineral replacing another, causing the mineral to develop in a different crystalline structure than it typically would. Prophecy stone is a bumpy spikey grey/black/reddish stone made of Limonite and Hematite in the shape of Pyrite and Marcasite, which it grew onto and replaced. 


Meteorites! Meteorites are chunks of rock from space that fall to the Earth. Meteorites come from Meteors. Typically meteors burn up in the Earth's atmosphere (causing shooting stars) however, sometimes meteors don't fully disintegrate during this process. Meteorites are these un-burnt portions of meteor. Every day, 50 tons of space debris fall onto the surface of Earth, however, 99% of the debris is the size of dust particles. These particles of space debris are called Micrometeorites. The largest meteorite discovered on the Earth's surface is the Hoba meteorite. The Hoba is 119,000 lbs and still sits in its original landing place in Namibia, it's too heavy to be moved!

Chatoyant Minerals

Chatoyant Minerals Chatoyance is an adjective describing a mineral with a shifting luster and an undulating band of white light. Chatoyant comes from the French chatoyer meaning "to shine like a cat's eye."


Opal Opal is an often colorful semi-opaque silicate mineraloid found in the Earth's crust. Precious Opal is a valuable and widely loved gemstone for its beautiful and flashy displays of color. It has a high vibration and is supposed to be a very lucky stone. It can display any color making it an excellent choice for any metaphysical need. It's supportive in