Stones for the Holidays

Stones for the Holidays

The holidays give us a chance to tap into the power of stones and let them support us when our emotions are running high. Stress, joy, anxiety, anger, expectations, fear and depression are all emotions that bubble to the surface when families come together. Stones can not only help you to cope, but can also help those around you to cope as well. Besides wearing stones for support, you can meditate with them, keep them around the room to hold loving intentions, and you can give stones that are full of love to those who may also be struggling.

Here are some ideas on how you can use stones for support when dealing with holiday stresses:

1. As families change and grow, traditions and rituals often change as well. Move into acceptance of these changes and go with the flow. Look at why some traditions are important to you, and decide how you can create new traditions while holding on to the spirit of the traditions you love. Use Carnelian, Citrine, or Iron Pyrite to support emotions that come up in dealing with change, and to encourage flexibility.

2. Saying “no” is being of service to those you love. If you are feeling tired or not up for it, you will not be doing anyone a favor by bringing your tired grumpy self to the party. Your friends may be disappointed that you couldn’t come, but they would be more disappointed if your bad attitude ruins it for everyone else. Do them a favor and listen to your body and your intuition. On days that you have no choice but to put yourself into compromising situations, wear a protection stone such as Black Tourmaline or Onyx.

3. Accept family members and friends as they are, and don’t get mad when they don’t live up to your expectations. Use Rose Quartz to open your heart and to be understanding of others’ differences. By opening your heart, you will also be less likely to anger, as it is easier to see where others might be coming from.

4. Use Amethyst to give you the good sense to keep grievances at bay. You may be upset in the moment, but that is no reason to ruin others’ holiday. Give up selfish desires to be the center of attention and commit yourself to working things out separately when tensions die down. Sleep with your Amethyst, and you may wake up realizing your own mistakes in the situation.

5. Amethyst or Lapis Lazuli can keep you level-headed enough to stick to a budget. Happiness cannot be bought with gifts. Decide what your budget is, and stick to it. Ask your stones for support in your decision-making process for what is really necessary to buy. Just taking a moment for this consideration can make huge differences in terms of what you really need to buy, and what you want to buy. Amethyst and Lapis can also help to keep you from getting caught up in the frenzy of shopping and to focus on reality.

6. When cooking, wear stones such as Rose Quartz, Aventurine and Jade to imbue your food with love. It may also be helpful to place these stones around the kitchen while you are cooking as a reminder that it is not important what others think of you, or how much food you make. The only thing that matters is the energy of love put into what you are doing.

7. Upon waking, sit for five minutes with grounding stones such as Galena or Hematite to center before beginning the day. Remind yourself that the holiday season is really about the joy of spending time with one another. If you are not centered and joyful to be around, then you defeat the purpose of the holiday. Remember that love and joy begins with you and radiates outward. When you exude joy and centered energy, it is the greatest gift you can give. A joyful presence trumps any material gift.

8. Giving stones filled with your love is also a nice alternative to the typical holiday gift. Gifts with intention hold a richness that is unparalleled. When buying a stone for a loved one, envision them in your mind and let your heart guide you to what is right. After you purchase it and cleanse it, hold it and envision your love flowing from your heart into the stone. This way, even when you cannot be with them, they can be touched by your love on a daily basis.


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