Rainbow Obsidian Round 12mm

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Product description

Bead Size: 12mm

Strand Length: 16"

Mineralogy: Obsidian is volcanic glass; a rock rather than a mineral, it is a mixture of cryptocrystalline grains of silica minerals in a glass-like suspension, originating as a super-cooled liquid. Obsidian is formed in the latest stage of volcanic eruptions; the silicas leftover after most of the other elements and water have been used up are ejected or flow out and are rapidly chilled at surface temperatures. Rainbow obsidian is named for its multi-colored layers formed by concentrically layered gas bubbles trapped in the obsidian as it cooled, along with hedenbergite nanoparticles. This combination creates thin-film interference, resulting in the rainbow effect. 

Metaphysical Properties: Illuminates the shadow self. It is thought to fill the aspects of ourselves that we block out, with rainbows and light. It is also said to be an excellent protection stone as it reveals the source of negativity within and outside of one’s self. It may be a useful helper with starting new habits as it cuts old cords with the past. It's thought to act as a bright light that blasts out any negativity lingering and holding one back from their full potential. 

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