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The perfect kit for getting started with rock tumbling! Kit includes:

Four-Step Grit Kit is maximized to tumble a wide variety of rough rock -- from soft to hard -- and contains enough grit to tumble 10-14 lbs. of stones.

Step 1 (coarse) is a combination of 60/90 grit 16 oz
Step 2 (medium), 120/220 grit 14 oz
Step 3 (fine), is an alumina based pre-polish 12 oz
Step 4 is a top quality tumbling polish (CPP) with an alumina base 10 oz

Plastic Pellets: an excellent filler or cushion in the tumbler, typically used in the pre-polish (step 3) and polish (step 4) stages of the rotary tumbling process. These pellets float off for easy separation and can be reused over and over. Not for use with vibratory tumblers.1 lb. small 3-4mm.

Three pounds of assorted raw stone for tumbling 

For any information on tumbling rough rock we have articles on our Rock Tumbling, Polishing, & Carving page. 

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