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  • Enjoy the wisdom of your spiritual guides wherever you go with an Angel Number Beading Kit from Mama's Minerals! Make a bracelet, a ring, earrings, suncatchers, and way way more! 

    Qty: 35+ beads

    111: Signifies an opening occurring in your life. It is a good time to manifest, begin new projects on work on personal development. Additional meanings are that you are on the right path or you are about to begin on a path of spiritual awakening. Be positive and open to transformation in different facets of life. (Citrine, Tiger Eye, Labradorite, Clear Quartz, Aventurine, Pyrite, Malachite, Orange/Yellow Calcite, Green Calcite, Moss Agate, Rutilated Quartz, Sputnik Aragonite, Carnelian, Rose Quartz)

    222: Release fear and worry that limits your thinking. Everything is working out for the better. Think of all the things you want and claim them. Emphasize the positive and don't think of negative things when you see this number. This is the sign that it is the right time, right thing, right place. Everything is falling into place. (Citrine, Lodolite Quartz, Rutilated, Quartz, Unakite, Amethyst, Bloodstone, Red Jasper, Lepidolite, Celestite, Angelite, Ocean Jasper, Prehnite, Shungite, Black Tourmaline, Pink Calcite, Garnet, Black Onyx)

    333: You are aligning with your spirit. You are creating a connection between the soul and body, in equilibrium. You are opening to the higher realms and experiencing divinity in your life. You have help all around you as you are also a spiritual being. Step into your highest space and calling. (Amethyst, Blue Kyanite, Blue Apatite, Citrine, Angelite, Celestite, Selenite, Labradorite, Aquamarine, Garnet, Rhodonite, Lapis Lazuli, Iolite, Howlite)

    444: You have protection from high places. The universe has your back, as you venture forward. You have help and support in unexpected places. You are being guided and protected on your path. It may also indicate that you need protection and more support in your environment. (Angelite, Celestite, Aventurine, Black Tourmaline, Seraphinite, Chiastolite, Ruby Zoisite, Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite, Blue Lace Agate, Black Tourmaline, Apophyllite, Garnet, Lepidolite, Black Obsidian)

    555: A big shift is coming! Prepare for lots of changes, and trust that these changes contribute to your highest purpose. Lots of excitement is going to surround these changes as you step into your own energy and space. Claim your highest calling, be adventurous, and cultivate an open mind. (Labradorite, Carnelian, Honey Calcite, Aventurine, Garnet, Citrine, Pyrite, Malachite, Rutilated Quartz, Clear Quartz, Chlorite Quartz, Green Tourmaline, Moonstone, Sunstone, Rose Quartz)

    666: Time to reconnect with your spirituality. Focus your intentions. Time to ground. Tie up loose ends. Realign with your highest self. Redirect your energy. (Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Red Jasper, Mookaite, Angelite, Black/Rainbow Obsidian, Black Onyx, Black Kyanite, Hematite, Clear Quartz, Sodalite, Shungite, Selenite, Septarian, Galena)

    777: Abundance becomes you. Your path of strength and endurance has paid off. You are on your ultimate path. Be strong and keep with it. Look into the future with optimism every time you see this number. Keep steady as new opportunities arise in front of you. Release your fear, have courage and good things will come to you. (Amazonite, Ocean Jasper, Unakite, Jade, Tree Agate, Pyrite, Septarian, Emerald, Chrysoprase, Peridot, Green Calcite, Garden Quartz, Eudialyte)

    888: Financial success. You are on a path that will bring money to you. You made the right financial decision. Money is coming to you. You are in harmony and the universe supports you. (Pyrite, Jade, Aventurine, Turquoise, Sodalite, Unakite, Tiger Eye, Peridot, Goldstone, Golden Healer, Carnelian, Citrine, Moss Agate)

    999: Time to wrap up projects and venture on new journeys. You are being nudged into a new era. Tie up loose ends. Let go of what no longer serves you. Prepare for the next level. Your completion of your path will open up new opportunities. (Labradorite, Larvikite, Moonstone, Tiger Eye, Citrine, Rutilated Quartz, Black Onyx, Amazonite, Lepidolite, Opal, Aquamarine, Botswana Agate, Sunstone, Blue Lace Agate, Flower Agate)

    Learn more about metaphysical and mineralogical properties of included rocks, crystals, and minerals.

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