Calcite Pink Pakistan Tumbled 11-30g

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These lovely tumbled pink manganocalcite stones can be incorporated in a medicine pouch, arranged in a crystal grid, or used as pocket stones! Features a pale pink with delicate white veining.

Color: Pale pink with white veining

Mineralogy: Calcite (the most stable form of the mineral calcium carbonate) is a very common and diverse mineral found in a wide variety of environments. It usually has metamorphic or sedimentary origins, but is much more rarely igneous. Calcite is also a common biomineral, and makes up the shells of many marine organisms. Calcite is best recognized by its relatively low Mohs hardness (3), its high reactivity with weak acids (like vinegar), and perfect rhombohedral cleavage.  Manganocalcite contains manganese, which lends it its pink color.

Metaphysical Properties: Manganocalcite is a deeply loving, nurturing stone that helps us be gentle with ourselves. It encourages us to accept love and have self-love, and act lovingly towards others. It is a powerful stress reliever that soothes anxiety and tension; it also removes fears and reduces nightmares. 

Note: Each stone is unique; the one you receive will be similar in quality and appearance to those shown in the above photo.

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