Citrine Cut Base Cluster

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Whether you're looking for an addition to your mineral collection, a Feng Shui element, or a gift for someone special, this genuine Citrine Cluster is a wonderful find!  

Mineralogy: Citrine is a variety of macro-crystalline quartz (silicon dioxide) that contains aluminum-based color centers which have been irradiated, giving it its golden hue. Citrine is an igneous mineral occurring as macroscopic crystals and druzy coverings inside of agate-lined cavities, often forming geodes. It also occurs in quartz veins.  

Metaphysical: Citrine is an ideal stone for manifesting abundance and clearing abundance blockages. Citrine creates energy that allows one to see their full potential and release fear as citrine sets energy that allows for pure happiness. It helps one find true purpose and with that comes fulfillment in one’s life. Citrine resonates with the solar plexus chakra and helps one understand their full potential in their career and general happiness. Citrine resonates with the sun; therefore, it contains a very masculine energy that can help balance emotions of not feeling worthy for all life has to offer. 

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